28 May, 2021

Ibiza for families: where should we stay?

Ibiza for families

Families travelling to the island will find it’s supremely easy to spend a few weeks here without ever being subjected to blaring Balearic beats.

In fact, the island’s culture, countryside and family activities provide tons of daytime fun for all ages and stages.

A few tips before travelling:

Before choosing where to stay in Ibiza for families, there are a few things to bear in mind 

  • Sun is intense all over the island. If you don’t want your dream holiday ruined, the best thing to do is take this seriously and make sure your whole family is properly protected against sunlight exposure. Also, keep them hydrated. 
  • Ibiza is more than just clubbing: If you are planning where to stay in Ibiza for families, there is a long list of sites of historical, cultural, and natural interest with more relevance that will make your trip unforgettable.
  • Book early: This Island is a very busy holiday destination. To ensure you certainly choose the best place to stay in Ibiza for families, book in advance. Months before your trip, if possible.

Our guide to family-friendly Ibiza:

The high season weeks from late July until early September are a busy time for the island.

Families and clubbers come to enjoy the great beaches, weather and those buzzing summer nights.

Families tend to head for the beach resorts such as Cala Llonga, Es Caná and San Antonio Bay which have a gentler nightlife and plenty of activities for the kids to get involved with.

Whilst clubbers (if you want to avoid them) head for the apartments, hotels and hostels in central San Antonio, Ibiza Town and Playa d’en Bossa accommodation .

1.Cala Llonga – Ideal area for families with young children

Ibiza has something for everyone and does everything really well for tourists. This includes looking after families and children and Cala Llonga is the resort that does that best.

Everything from beach activities, accommodation and restaurants are geared towards making sure families have a fabulous holiday.

You would be missing the breadth of what Cala Llonga offers so very well, if you thought this was all.

Near to Ibiza Town (excellent shopping and fine dining awaits, not to mention the grand old town of Dalt Vila) and Santa Eulalia with its elegant yacht harbour (both just 10 minutes either way), it’s a fantastic location for couples as well.

2.Santa Eulalia – Quiet zone for families

Santa Eulalia, a beautiful town and resort on the East coast of the island, is popular with families and those looking for a quieter holiday.

This town is the third-largest on the island. A perfect place to stay in Ibiza for families because of its quieter atmosphere. Natural landscapes, incredible crystal clear beaches safe for children. 

There are also golf courses, water activities, and many restaurants for all ages.

Santa Eulalia has a long-established reputation as the island’s gastronomic and cultural centre. Art Galleries, the beautiful and exclusive Yacht Marina, some of the island’s best restaurants.

3.Cala Tarida – For Family vacation

Cala Tarida is well facilitated and family oriented. The clean, clear waters over a sandy bottom are shallow to quite a way out on the right, deeper and more rocky to the left. The colours of the sea here are truly magnificent; turquoise, azure blue and emerald green.

Behind the beach are well-urbanised hills with the hotel club just behind, the convenience of this making Cala Tarida a popular family beach.

There are also shops right on the beach to buy inflatables, snorkel gear and beach balls if sunbaking just doesn’t cut it for you.

If you’re looking for a solitary spot, there are some small hidden coves north of the beach with a selection of interestingly shaped rocks to swim out to.

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