Wedding Planner in Ibiza

Extraordinary events are not just planned; they are meticulously crafted with passion, unbridled creativity, and attention to detail. Our clients enjoy a stress-free planning process filled with anticipation and surprise. We never rest on our laurels, making each client’s event unique, personalized, and a night they won’t soon forget, from subtle and minimalist design schemes to luxurious and over-the-top.

We develop a unique proposal for each client for organizing a wedding and event. We enjoy working closely with you to ensure the overall design of your event is excellent. A proposal for planning and design made especially for you. In addition to overseeing every aspect of your event or wedding, we design custom layouts to suit your taste and ideal aesthetic. The key objective is to truly portray who you are as a bride and groom or as a corporate client.

Contact us for any questions! We are always interested in learning about unique wedding experiences and events!


“I had a wonderful experience with Carisma as the event coordinator for my wedding. Their experience and attention to detail always made me feel at ease. Everything went smoothly and on schedule and my event went exactly as I had hoped. Thanks a lot!”

“Our wedding was spectacular in every way. Without the outstanding staff of Carisma Wedding Planners, I would not have achieved anything.” Everything was great, from the sets to the performance and setting.”

  • 1. Can you help us stay on budget?

    Absolutely! We will discuss finances and devise a realistic breakdown during our first session, telling you how much of your budget each area will use. In addition, we will help you select the most cost-effective suppliers.

  • 2. In what months should we have a wedding?

    The ideal months are January and February (here in Ibiza). A clear day with little rain, no tropical storms or hurricanes, and possibly even a cold front is more likely.

  • 3. Can you save money by hiring a wedding planner?

    Yes! Why? Because wedding planners know where and how to save on smaller items. Compared to organizing the event yourself, a professional wedding planner can help you save 5 to 10% on your wedding.

  • 4. Do wedding planners help you decorate?

    The wedding planner’s role is not to help with decorations, but they can advise you on color schemes, lighting, and themes. Your wedding planner will find you a great decorator who works within your budget and is respected for high-quality results.