Villas Rental in Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia, the third largest city in Ibiza, is famous for its families. If you want a quiet and relaxing holiday this place is perfect. During your holiday in Santa Eulalia, spend precious time relaxing and sunbathing on the beautiful beach.

About the location

Sandy beaches and a relaxed atmosphere are what Santa Eulalia has to offer. This resort in the sun finds the perfect combination of excitement and relaxation. The Balearic Islands has enough entertainment to fill your holiday to-do list, with two beautiful beaches, a marina, and a wide range of water sports, even if you don’t find wild parties at sister resorts.

With a well-deserved reputation as a gourmet hub, gourmets will be in their element, with a range of great shops to satisfy anyone looking to shop! Museums, galleries, and the UNESCO World Heritage-listed old town of Ibiza are just twenty minutes away, as is San Antonio, the party town.

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Changeover days are often given during the busiest season. Most properties switch on Friday or Saturday; however, some may switch during the week. Owners tend to be more accommodating and will provide other shift days during the off-season.

Most property owners and local authorities set minimum age requirements for tenants. Please indicate at the time of booking if you are a youth group or a single-sex group so that the necessary checks can be carried out.

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