Transport Rental in Ibiza

At Carisma, we not only serve travelers who come on holiday but also consider residents and businesses who require transport rental in Ibiza, whether they are in the process of moving or for fashion and promotional projects. Check out the vehicles we have in stock, place your order now and benefit from our first-class customer support

Why Carisma

Professional Service
The main goal of the workforce in this industry, which has extensive knowledge and experience, is customer satisfaction.

Transport for events
We have the most knowledgeable and experienced drivers: If specialists transported you, you would feel more confident and less nervous.

Reliable Experts
We have a group of knowledgeable employees who will provide you with VIP services as they know your needs. You can’t go wrong if you choose to hire Ibiza Rental Service.


We enjoyed a very wonderful and unforgettable week! The Carisma team did a fantastic job. Very attentive, pleasant, and professional. The boat is amazing and cozy enough for a party of six. Last but not least, the environment promotes health. THIS COULDN’T HAVE BEEN BETTER! Thank you for making our holiday so wonderful with your help and efforts.

Our Carisma car rental experience was fantastic. I sincerely appreciate your excellent service. I will use it again and again!

  • 1. At what age can I rent a car in Ibiza?

    To rent a cheap car in Ibiza, Carisma requires a minimum of 1 year of experience and 18 years of age. If you want to rent a scooter, you will need a valid driver’s license and, more importantly, a scooter and Vespa experience.

  • 2. Are there any fees to cancel my booking?

    No fee will be charged if you cancel your booking at least 48 hours before the day of arrival. One day’s rent will be charged as a penalty if you do not provide the required notice.

  • 3. How much does it cost to transport rentals in Ibiza?

    These numbers are meant to give you a general idea of how much different types of cars cost. Prices are determined by the number of recent searches, the car rental company, the type of customer, and the VAN class of the car. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the exact price.