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Don’t worry, we have your plane ready to bring you whenever you want or take you out of here when you see that your body can’t take it anymore!

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Why Hire Private Driver & Chauffer Services in Ibiza with us?


Professional And Friendly

We love things done right and on time so that everyone gets a chance to find their happy home in Ibiza.


Multilingual Service

We try to break language barriers to offer our clients fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese customized service.


Stable Agency

We have been proudly in the real estate business, renting and selling homes since 2018.

I appreciate Carisma returning my phone. Many thanks to all the team that helped, especially the person who took the time to come back with my phone! Once again, I want to thank you.

I would definitely recommend Carisma Private Driver & Chauffeur Services in Ibiza. They turned my difficult situation into an unforgettable adventure in my life.

You can rent various luxury cars from Carisma for Premium and VIP service, including private chauffeur-driven cars for Ibiza.

Pets are allowed in Carisma. If your dog, cat, or other creature is in a carrier, you can travel and use a chauffeur from Ibiza airport, city, train, or bus stations.

Your personal chauffeur service will be much nicer and more enjoyable than any public transport journey as we offer a variety of private chauffeur-driven vehicles for Ibiza that are equipped to transport people in wheelchairs and people with disabilities.

Why Carisma

Great service

We continue to meet the needs of our DIRECT customers, including restaurant reservations, grocery deliveries, and car rentals.

Competent Drivers

Our drivers are neatly dressed, well-groomed, well-informed about Ibiza, and skilled in providing services.

Excellent Transport Solution

Comfort, Perfection, Privacy, Experience, and Punctuality are considered. For any demand, we provide transport solutions. Our vehicles are insured against liability and accident insurance.


How to get around ibiza, better plans depending on your transport.

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