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His interest in cooking has always been present in his life. Born in Venezuela, with European roots, since his childhood Walter has continuously experimented with a variety of products and flavors. His passion for sushi led him to live in Japan for more than a year. There he discovered its culture and the richness of its gastronomy. He worked at Nobu Tokyo, where day after day he trained following the most traditional Japanese philosophy: a combination of passion, dedication and attention to the smallest detail. He perfected his knowledge and technique and at the end of his stay he participated in the World Sushi Cup 2014, becoming a finalist.
His dedication and experience expanded during the last few years. Since 2008 he has been working in some of the best restaurants around the world.
In 2017 he taught courses for professionals at the Basque Culinary Center and then performed several consulting services in Marrakech, New York, Barcelona and Vienna until opening, in 2021, his own sushi bar Omakase, the first one in Ibiza, where he offers a unique experience, paying tribute, with his dishes, to the most authentic Japanese gastronomy.


I am creative, approachable and enjoy developing new ideas. What I like the most is adapting to the needs and tastes of my clients, because, it allows me to face new challenges.

Be private chef, was one of my goals for years ago. Having said that, I knew I needed more experience and knowledge, before I could be it. In order to offert the best experience possible.

My main goal

Offer an exclusive service around the food and the relation with the client, providing all my background knowledge from the last years.

An important distinguishing feature

Keeping a steady improvement every year. Taking care of the small details which make the difference, especially in the private services.

  • Communication
  • Empathy
  • Win to win
  • Perseverance
  • Self-Reflectio
Food Style
  • Fresh ,Healthy & Rich in flavor
  • Mediterranean Style with fusión
  • Low carbs
  • Tasting menu ́s & Family Style


We are two brothers from Andorra (Teruel). With a great passion for food from a very young age. We decided to study cooking. How to prepare each of the dishes with enthusiasm and dedication, after a lot of effort and wonderful trips working in the US, Mexico, Panama, Indonesia, France, Switzerland and many parts of the world, we decided to create crazy cuisine, a kitchen with a lot of heart.

Our main proposal is based on offering a service focused on the well-being of our clients, where we create a pleasant atmosphere, good vibes, and that they are always happy when tasting our most thug flavors.

In general, our cuisine is focused on the Mediterranean and Asian style. We love all kinds of food from around the world, we never stop learning and innovate. Among all the types of cuisine we know, we make our own fusion, hence our name hooligan cuisine. Giving importance to our paella specialties and barbecues. We always like to know your tastes and priorities, thus reaching your heart with our most naughty cuisine.


Her extensive portfolio of previous work experience began in Ibiza, where she originally comes from.
Later she became a part of Jamie Oliver’s team in London working as a Chef de Partie and after she had discovered the magics of molecular cuisine by another TV prestigious chef such as Alberto Chicote.
Right before the start of a career as a private chef in Ibiza, she was in charge of the kitchen at Hotel Grau Roig in Andorra. She also joined the TV show Top Chef in 2015.
Carlota Bonder enjoys creating luxury experiences through her cooking, presenting exquisite culinary creations. No matter if you ask for detox and organic tailored program for the whole day or delicious upscale dinner, her passion for food and cooking doesn’t have any limits. Cooking was always Carlota’s dream and her biggest love.
What she really loves to use is fresh and top quality products straight from the markets. She also masters the fusion between Mediterranean and Asian gastronomy, and in general she has a profound expertise in all sorts of vegetables and fish
-Sashimi, tataki, ceviche, tartar, etc.


“We lack words to adequately convey the beauty of your Villa or the stunning surroundings. The staff welcomed us with extraordinary kindness and friendliness. I really appreciate this.”

“We are sitting in the aircraft lounge and regret leaving Ibiza and your beautiful home. We sincerely appreciate that you made this special for us; it was wonderful.”

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