Marriage Proposal Planner in Ibiza

Are you ready to develop your relationship? Big congratulations, first of all! Secondly, we are here to support you. We provide carefree and expertly planned marriage proposal planner services in Ibiza. We will advise you while you work on the perfect offer. Let us know if you have an idea and need help bringing it to life. Just give us a call if you don’t know what to do. We’ll ask about you and your intended spouse so that we can come up with an impressive strategy. The fact that we do it professionally ensures that we take into account every little detail and reduce the stress associated with your planning process.

Our Service includes:

  • A unique proposal concept that will complement your relationship and impress your spouse.
  • Collaboration between offer sites and any reservations or specific requests
  • Professional photography to document your offer!

We draw on our years of experience to provide you with the knowledge that will take you hundreds of hours to learn. The perfect marriage proposal is priceless, and we take into account features that can only be learned through experience. We keep our costs low because we believe every couple is entitled to a successful marriage. The marriage proposal is the first step towards a successful future. All guys need to succeed and surprise their women. 

Contact us for the best marriage proposal planning service in Ibiza!


Fantastic service. Stop worrying about the planner, and call Carisma now! They were a pleasure to deal with and are willing to help you in any way you want. They gave my fiancée and me the most incredible time we could have dreamed of. She hadn’t stopped thinking or talking about it for over a week now. It was indeed a fantastic experience.

Memorable meeting. Being organized and professional is an understatement. Making the final decision to propose to your spouse is nerve-wracking, but knowing you have everything planned gives you the confidence you need to make it happen. The whole experience is worth a lot more when you consider the preparation, the actual event, and the evaluation of your photos after it. Impressive, to say the least!!!

  • 1. How much does a proposal in Ibiza cost?

    It depends on your spending preferences and the package you choose for your offer day. We always use the best materials to create all of our Ibiza marriage proposal packages.

  • 2. How do individual offers work?

    We create an offer that is completely unique to you and your relationship. We give you our confidentiality questionnaire as soon as you place an order. We will learn more details about you and your significant other during this meeting.

  • 3. Will my spouse is upset that I hired a planner for my proposal?

    Not! In fact, many partners love the fact that their partner helps them with the offer planner.

  • 4. I'm sure I want to propose, but I don't know how. Does your company provide consultation calls?

    Yes! Our staff provides FREE Discovery calls. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions to a qualified proposal planner!