Luxury Yachts Rental in Ibiza

Renting a luxury yacht in Ibiza is a great opportunity to see much of the island’s coastline, including its white sand beaches, sparkling turquoise waters, vibrant, colorful marine life, hidden harbors, and exciting nightlife. Discover some of our most popular and impressive luxury yachts in Ibiza, which we heartily recommend you do.

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Why Hire Your Luxury Yachts in Ibiza with us?


Professional And Friendly

We love things done right and on time so that everyone gets a chance to find their happy home in Ibiza.


Multilingual Service

We try to break language barriers to offer our clients fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese customized service.


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We have been proudly in the real estate business, renting and selling homes since 2018.


Carisma, it was AMAZING! We had a great time. It was a wonderful boat. I hope we didn’t tire Terry and Ruth (our captain) too much because we got on very well with them too. We have four boys and are quite a noisy and cheerful group.

We enjoyed a very wonderful and unforgettable week! The Carisma team did a fantastic job. Very attentive, pleasant, and professional. The boat is amazing and cozy enough for a party of six. Last but not least, the environment promotes health. Thank you for making our holiday so wonderful with your help and efforts.

In addition to being a unique experience, renting a luxury boat in Ibiza for an upcoming vacation, meeting friends, or celebrating an event has many advantages. With independence and privacy, you will be able to get to know the island like never before. So you can go to areas that would otherwise be impossible.

We provide you with a personalized service from Ibiza Luxury Yachts, including airport transfers depending on the number of passengers.

Islands are the specialty of our employees. We define routes based on your preferences, and they will take you to a magical place.

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Professional Service

Our mission is to ensure the success of every charter we manage by providing personalized service to each of our clients and being available around the clock.

Luxury Yachts for You

According to your preferences and needs, Luxury Yachts for You will match you with a fantastic boat and charter location.

Fun Activities

There are countless sports to choose from, including fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, jet skiing, and jet skiing.


How to get around ibiza, better plans depending on your transport.

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