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Receive instant offers directly from the best-selected carriers in the area for your reservations and limousine services at Ibiza. Avoid intermediaries by booking with Carisma and enjoy the best limo services in Ibiza.

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Why Hire a Limousine Service in Ibiza with us?


Professional And Friendly

We love things done right and on time so that everyone gets a chance to find their happy home in Ibiza.


Multilingual Service

We try to break language barriers to offer our clients fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese customized service.


Stable Agency

We have been proudly in the real estate business, renting and selling homes since 2018.


It was one of my best interactions with the taxi business. The driver spent more than an hour with me and helped me solve my problems at the airport. I would protect this business for everyone. I appreciate your wonderful service.

When we return to Ibiza, we will definitely use this service again because we were very pleased with it.

Yes, we have all types of authorized child and infant seats for all your transportation and private taxi needs. Don’t forget to include them in your bidding process.

Everything is included in the price offered by the driver: in addition to the toll, taxes, tips, and any necessary tolls en route, waiting at the airport is also included. You won’t need to pay anyone extra because it’s a closed price.

Of course, you can book a room for someone else. For the driver to contact them, they just need to provide their name and, if they wish, a phone number during the booking confirmation process.

Why Carisma

Free Cancellation

There is no fee if you cancel up to 24 hours before your reservation. Your cash, your tranquility.

Without Intermediaries

You get straight offers from the top Ibiza-area companies. zero commission

Closed Prices

Taxes, tolls, per diems, and tips are all included in the cost of the reservation.


How to get around ibiza, better plans depending on your transport.

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