Inaguration Event Planner in Ibiza

Inauguration events are very different from other events in that they require careful planning and coordination. This requires high logistic experience and organizational skills. A leading event management firm can accomplish this task easily but at a high cost.

The event is consistently produced at a high-level, thanks to careful preparation, reliable sourcing, and competent and professional monitoring. To ensure your event is a success, Carisma has an experienced team of program managers and event planners to handle all the behind-the-scenes details.

We are your end-to-end one-stop event management service provider when you combine them with our event management consulting, event orientation, and event management support system. We have a clear advantage in preparing the event effectively to achieve the desired result due to our deep understanding of the protocols associated with the visits of dignitaries from other countries and government officials.

We have a fantastic young workforce that is highly skilled and has a strong work ethic. In our opinion, the company’s benefit justifies the importance of the inaugural celebration. Thanks to this event, you, as a customer, can present and introduce your products or services to the intended market.


I was really impressed with the project management abilities, the level of knowledge, the attention to detail, and the event tools. However, working with Carisma was the most amazing due to their outstanding customer service.

They helped us organize a successful online conference with over 300 people attending. No doubt we will use their services again. They are excellent companions.

  • 1. How many guests can I bring to the inauguration?

    You can invite as many guests as you like to the Inaugural Mass, Ceremony, and Social reception.

  • 2. Are children allowed?

    The celebrations around the inauguration are open to children.

  • 3. Is there a phone number that I can contact on my inauguration day if I need help?

    During the day, several volunteers and security personnel will move around the event area to help our guests in case of bad weather or rain.

  • 4. How do you plan an inauguration event?

    However, all initial steps must be performed using the following basic procedures.

    Step 1: Decide on the goals and objectives of the opening ceremony.

    Step 2: Create a team to plan the grand opening ceremony in the second step.

    Step 3: Agree on the time, place, and participants.

    Step 4: Describe the event schedule.