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At Carisma, our innovative thinking and attention to detail make us specialists; we are experts in the field of events planning. We will deliver a superior, well-designed experience no matter the circumstance or budget.

Whether it’s a birthday, a bachelor party, an anniversary, or a social dinner in a private villa, our unique celebrations are made for people looking for an exceptional event. To achieve a flawless holiday, our staff collaborates with you throughout the entire process, from idea and creative direction to production and administration, including the finer points.

Our main goal is to make your gala event absolutely flawless, and we have close contact with all the leading entertainment establishments. We keep in mind the image and objectives of each brand for a successful corporate event, and we are also aware of the investments made in corporate events. We work with you to select the best location, production, artist, or entertainment program for maximum impact on your audience.

At Carisma, we cater to every event planning request in Ibiza because we love events. Leave it to us; we will ensure your vision comes to life! We understand that some people do not want to deal with all the problems and challenges. Contact us to book an event planning consultation Today!

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Why Carisma Experiences Is The Perfect Choice?


Professional And Friendly

We love things done right and on time so that everyone gets a chance to find their happy home in Ibiza.


Multilingual Service

We try to break language barriers to offer our clients fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese customized service.


Stable Agency

We have been proudly in the real estate business, renting and selling homes since 2018.


I will never forget that evening because it was so beautiful. You created such a wonderful, sophisticated evening that seemed carefree and subtle work, and it felt like we were just hanging out on vacation. Thank you so much!

Ibiza offers a lot, from outdoor sports to breathtaking sunset views. Exploring the Island was magical. Thank you to Carisma Event planner Ibiza.

In both professional and private events, we are involved from start to finish. It can be celebrations of birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, conferences, and business lunches. We are happy to provide recommendations and feedback as we have experience in various industries.

We provide a full range of event planning services in Ibiza. We can select venues, arrange cuisine, decor, accommodation, staff, and equipment, and even hire speakers for corporate events. We provide a customized service to meet your needs. Every event is unique, and we can cater to your needs from start to finish.

Before submitting an offer, we will consider all your requirements for the event. Of course, the costs will vary depending on the event’s size and type, the planning’s complexity, and the level of our involvement.

You can save time and money by hiring an experienced event planner. We will select reliable suppliers and vendors, negotiate the best prices, breaks, and conditions on your behalf, and manage every element of your event. Hiring an event planner allows you to relax and enjoy your event without stress or worry.


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