Corporate Event Planner in Ibiza

Carisma is a corporate event planner based in Ibiza. We are honored to work with some of the world’s leading corporations providing corporate event planning services. Our clients have benefited from our strategic planning for corporate events in several ways, including helping them understand their true ROI, successfully launch products, increase brand awareness, build closer connections with their communities, reduce employee turnover, and high-level train executives into new and creative ways.

Our goal is to help you plan a corporate event that allows your guests to understand your message and have an unforgettable experience that symbolizes your company.

We work closely with our clients to create events that everyone will remember, including employees, important clients, board members, and other attendees. We want to help you plan an event that will allow your guests to fully understand your message and have an unforgettable experience representing your business. We offer a wide range of services for planning and designing corporate events.

Contact Carisma’s innovative corporate event planners for an event that exceeds your expectations.


I’ve had the pleasure to work with Carisma as my event planner, and she proved to be a major asset for planning my conference in Ibiza. They were very resourceful in providing many options for venues and have invaluable resources ranging from vendors to sponsors. Their high level of leadership, integrity, and persistence made my conference come to fruition seamlessly. I would highly recommend them for any event!

Carisma was a pleasure to deal with as an event planner, and they were very helpful in organizing my conference in Ibiza. They were very resourceful in offering a variety of event opportunities and had a wealth of resources, including sponsors and vendors. My conference ended thanks to their outstanding leadership, perseverance, and integrity successfully. They are highly recommended for any occasion!

Everything was great and gave the desired “wow” impression. The combination of light, music, “wow,” and rustic vibes made this a wonderful event. We received great feedback from all over the village about this event’s uniqueness.

  • 1. What services do corporate event planners offer?

    Carisma offers all the necessary amenities to make your upcoming business event unforgettable. So that the only thing you need to worry about is entertainment, we can provide a place, provide food, set up equipment, hire entertainment and arrange logistics.

  • 2. Should there be a theme for my business event?

    Yes, in a nutshell, but with one important caveat: your theme doesn’t have to turn your event into a themed party. In fact, the environment you’re trying to create is usually just the opposite.

  • 3. How much does it cost to work with you?

    We work on a paid basis. The number of hours we expect to work on your event is the basis for our costs. This fee is determined in advance at the time of the conclusion of the contract and varies only depending on the scope of the project.

  • 4. Can you post the event theme and company branding?

    Of course. To provide your attendees with the best possible brand experience, we can brand your corporate event specifically to meet your needs.