Baby Shower in Ibiza

A wonderful time in life is when a new member arrives in your family. The birth of a baby brings a lot of joy and excitement. At Carisma Baby Showers Ibiza, we believe this life-changing occasion deserves immediate celebration and a party memory for all time.

Our baby shower party planners are experienced, whether organizing your event, baby shower, or running registries. From your first planning meeting, you can benefit from our Ibiza Newborn Event Planning Services. In addition, on the day of the event, we will use our knowledge and experience to realize your vision.

Baby shower event planner experts in Ibiza

We believe in all the Ibiza party rental companies we work with to deliver your plans flawlessly. We use our skills and careful planning to create a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime kids’ party. In Ibiza, we offer the best stress-free experience at Carisma Baby Shower. We make your wishes come true by organizing anything from small children’s parties to large-scale events related to children. You can come to us to organize your child’s first birthday after the baby shower!

Our baby shower organizers in Ibiza are passionate about creating and providing the most special day for you, the mom-to-be, and your loved ones. Believe us, and we appreciate the value of your time and the upcoming arrival of your child!

We believe that every event should have a story. This is more than just a get-together or a party; there is a meaning, a feeling, and an influence that must last forever.


The Carisma baby showers in Ibiza were fantastic! They came up with a fantastic plan for our little princess and executed it flawlessly. Every time there was a problem, they solved it without telling us. The staff is kind and strong. They really brought our concept to life and relieved all our stress. I fully support it!

Thank you so much!!! All my family and I are very happy that we turned to Carisma Team; you have exceeded our expectations. You are an amazing organizer of a children’s party in Ibiza. You did a great job at my kids’ party last weekend.

  • 1. What kind of activities or games can I plan?

    Plan games or activities to keep young children entertained if there are many. As a result, the party will be much more enjoyable for both children and their parents. Just create a playground with toys, games, bikes, and balls.

  • 2. Can I schedule a baby shower for my next child?

    No matter what place the baby occupies in the family, each new arrival is a reason for joy. Some people think having a second shower is a requirement to receive gifts, so they don’t like it. However, this does not stop you from having a small party for the closest relatives and friends who are waiting.

  • 3. Who should host the Baby Shower?

    The couple’s baby shower can be arranged by anyone 

    who is related to the parents-to-be. If you’re wondering who should host the baby shower, it’s best to leave that responsibility to someone who knows the couple very well and can ensure everything goes exactly how they like it.

  • 4. How many guests should I invite for a baby shower?

    Do you spend it outside where there is plenty of space, or is it a small establishment with tables for only 10 people? The Baby Shower usually has about 20 people. Your budget, venue, food, and other considerations will change if you include too many people.