We are two brothers from Andorra (Teruel). With a great passion for food from a very young age. We decided to study cooking. How to prepare each of the dishes with enthusiasm and dedication, after a lot of effort and wonderful trips working in the US, Mexico, Panama, Indonesia, France, Switzerland and many parts of the world, we decided to create crazy cuisine, a kitchen with a lot of heart.

Our main proposal is based on offering a service focused on the well-being of our clients, where we create a pleasant atmosphere, good vibes, and that they are always happy when tasting our most thug flavors.

In general, our cuisine is focused on the Mediterranean and Asian style. We love all kinds of food from around the world, we never stop learning and innovate. Among all the types of cuisine we know, we make our own fusion, hence our name hooligan cuisine. Giving importance to our paella specialties and barbecues. We always like to know your tastes and priorities, thus reaching your heart with our most naughty cuisine.